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Nerdy Things Podcast

Jul 27, 2018

Hello everyone, no new episode this week.
We do however have a sneak peek at a new project Kevin (@nerdyties) has been working on with his wife.
It's called 'What Did We Just Read?' It's a podcast based on the love of books, and the fact that we love completely opposite styles of books. Each month we're forcing the other to read a book that is normally outside of what would be on the reading list, and we're going to talk about it at length in a followup podcast episode!
This first episode is about the book 'Illuminae' by Kaufman and Kristoff. Jenny is making Kevin read it because she LOVES it. It's a young adult sci-fi book, part of a trilogy, and should be something Kevin loves!
Feel free to reach out to us with thoughts at 978-78-NERDY(63739) or by email: or
Nerdy Things podcast will return in two weeks with new episodes and don't forget to check for episodes of Nerdy People Play D&D, SA Sounds, and Everything is Fine: A Good Place Podcast!