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Nerdy Things Podcast

Aug 24, 2018

This week: Sitcom nostalgia from the 80s and 90s.  It's been a couple of weeks since I left Jules and Tim alone to do an episode and they did the sitcoms of the 70s.  I didn't want to miss out on MY favorites in the 80s and 90s though, so here we have it, the definitive list of ALL of the sitcoms  EVER.  

Aug 17, 2018

This week: "The Meg".  I know, I know, it's been a while and we come back with THIS?  Trust us, you need this movie.

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Aug 10, 2018

Jules watched the new Winnie The Pooh movie! Is it good? Should you go see it? Will you cry? Take a listen to his spoiler free review here! We will be returning to your regularly scheduled podcast very soon, thank you so much for sticking with us!

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