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Nerdy Things Podcast

Mar 30, 2017

We really get into the debate between which is better, Power Rangers or Voltron.  

We have seen the new Power Rangers movie (spoilers stop at 41:48), Jules and special guest Alex have seen a ton of the Power Rangers TV Show, and Tim and Kevin have watched Voltron for years.

We also tackle a couple of outlandish...

Mar 23, 2017

This episode Tim and I go in the field (the breakroom at work) to talk to Jules about our favorite snacks when watching movies, and our favorite books made into movies.  Beauty and the Beast awakened something naughty in Tim, and we awaken something spider-man related in Jules.  

Mar 16, 2017

This episode we were lucky enough to have Tim back from last week's Nintendo Switch reveal.  We explore some of our favorite villains, and narrow it down to the best of the worst!

Mar 9, 2017

This episode, we have a special guest, Tim, the only guy I know that bought the Nintendo Switch!  We're going to talk all about what we love about it.  Zelda.  We're going to talk about Zelda.  AND OTHER THINGS.  

Mar 2, 2017

In this weeks episode, we discuss time travel in movies, books, and TV shows.  Which ones get it right, which ones get it wrong, and which ones we don't care if they do or don't because they're awesome either way!