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Nerdy Things Podcast

Apr 5, 2018

This week we saw everything there is to see in Ready Player One. 
I mean, almost.  Ok, not at all.  There are so many references!

Netflix acquires Seth Rogan
April Fools! I got you so good...
Netflix planning live action Carmen Sandiego film
I hope it's a gritty reboot
Street Fighter live action tv series also in the works 
I hope it's a campy cartoonish... who am I kidding? Gritty all the way baby!
Gambit finally gets a production date 
Now we just need a director...
Westworld Season 2 trailer has arrived 
Creepy. Awesome.
John Boyega met with Marvel for superhero role 
It's not Blade (It's totally Blade)
Sharknado 6 will be the time traveling finale 
Still better than Back to the Future
Bill and Ted 3 is official! 
My body is ready
Arnold Schwarzenegger had heart surgery 
He'll be back
ROM Space Knight to be written by Ready Player One writer 
ROM Space Knight!