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Nerdy Things Podcast

Mar 8, 2018

This week we sat down and watched "Spirited Away" to see if we could get Tim interested in it at all.  Skip to 51:41 for the main topic!

"Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery" trailer released
Tim said to be camping out already despite this being a mobile game


Emma Stone was first pick for Wonder Woman sequel villain
We'll have to settle for Kristen Wiig.  Ug.


Illinois Judge bans teen from violent video games
no shit sherlock, you joke about school shootings while playing violent games, you get your shit taken from you


The Oscars left Adam West (and others) out of the In Memorium segment
I get that not everyone can be mentioned, but this is a big one to so many people


Even more Walking Dead spin-offs in the works
Ever see a tire spin so fast it starts to tear itself apart?  I wonder if we're seeing that.


Disney is looking into allegations that the character posters for Solo were stolen
Yup.  They were.  I can tell because I have eyes.


Luke Cage season 2 release announced as June 22nd
Jessica Jones comes out this week too.  


Universal announces Jurassic World themed Pokemon-go style game
We're officially like 4 games into this style of game and I'm already feeling saturated.


Nintendo announces 30 minute Nintendo Direct for tomorrow
Expect news, or no news, or something.


New Twitch Guidlines
Put on some clothes!

Christopher Robin trailer
Poo looks like he's been living on the streets


Mary Poppins trailer
Christmas with LMM

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