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Nerdy Things Podcast

Mar 1, 2018

That's right, this week we had special guest Claire Handscombe, from the Brit Lit podcast and 'West Wing' SUPERFAN to talk about the show, her book 'Walk With Us: How the West Wing Changed Our Lives', and the upcoming convention 'West Wing Weekend' this September that she's organizing. (fandom stuff)
Walk With Us: How the West Wing Changed Our Lives, ed. Claire Handscombe (amazon link:, but otherwise the link links to all the links!)
My novel, inspired by the experience of loving a show and one of its actors in particular, currently crowdfunding:
West Wing Weekend stuff:
Kickstarter, goes till 5th March:
The Brit Lit Podcast
Nerdy News:

Joss Whedon exits Batgirl film
Admits he doesn't have a story to tell.

Roxane Gay says she'll write the Batgirl movie
DC says "Yeah, sure, contact me"

Black Panther passes 700m worldwide, has amazing second weekend
This movie is going to break the bank.

Fahrenheit 451 is ON FIRE
Zod and Killmonger are coming for your literacy

James Gunn clarifies that Groot is the son of Groot, not a reincarnation of Groot
They are Groot.

Wreck it Ralph sequel heads to the internet
Completely traumatises baby Moana.

Fox plans a million movies, Silver Surfer stand alone among them
Disney merger hasn't slowed their optimism, planning 3 x-men movies a year every year starting next year

Ghostbusters World AR app set to release this year
Pokemon Go with Ghosts?  I had this idea.  This is mine.

Kevin Smith survives massive heart attack
tweets from the hospital that he's alright, has posted updates since that he is getting better

Disney planning another Muppets reboot for it's streaming service
It's time to start the music, it's time to light the lights...

COD modern warfare 2 getting remastered

Mar 1: Jensen Ackles, Ron Howard
Mar 2: Adam Conover, Daniel Craig, Rebel Wilson
Mar 5: Penn Jillette
Mar 6: Shaq
Mar 7: Bryan Cranston

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