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Nerdy Things Podcast

Feb 15, 2018

This week, we talk the best Bromances and Womances in pop culture.  From Abed and Troy, to Leslie and Ann, from Harry and Lloyd to Dean Winchester and any other human male.  

Hannah Simone from New Girl to star in Greatest American Hero reboot. This "New Girl" is now the only one I could ever see in this role.

Disney Streaming Service to launch with Marvel and Star Wars series. Disney is throwing money at new content.  At least 5 movies, at least 5 series to start, nothing R rated

Child's Play tv series in the works. It's a continuation of the movie franchise starring the voice of Chucky Brad Dourif from filmaker (writer) Don Mancini and producer David Kirschner (original directed by Tom Holland)

Chris Columbus to discover the new world of horror movies based on Five Nights at Freddy's. 50 points to slytherin!

Joaquin Phoenix set to be the Joker in an origin story? Todd Phillips ("The Hangover") will direct, produced by Martin Scorsese.  Set in the 80s, under a NEW DC movie banner, Leto is still playing the Joker in other movies... 

Deadpool Trailer. Shows Cable, has that Ryan Reynolds humor.  I'm excited

Brian Michael Bendis to pen Kitty Pryde film. Bendis has written plenty of X-Men comics over the last 20 years at Marvel.  Tim Miller of Deadpool will direct.

Kung Fury to star Michael Fassbender. They're making a full length Kung Fury and IT STARS FASSBENDER

Venom Trailer. Doesn't show Venom.  The title of the movie.  Not shown.  Shows a guy.  Shows a girl.  Has a voiceover.  Has some goop.  No venom.  Certainly no spider-man.

Feb 15th - Matt Groening (1954)

Feb 16th - Ice T (1958)

Feb 17th - Joseph Gordon-Levitt (1981), Dominic Purcell (1970), Michael Bay (1965), and Michael Jordan (1963)

Feb 18th - John Travolta (1954)

Feb 19th - Benicio Del Toro (1967) Feb 20th - Charles Barkley (1963), Chelsea Peretti (1978)

Feb 21st - Jordan Peele's Birthday (1979), Alan Rickman (1946), Justin Roiland (1980), Kelsey Grammer (1955)

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