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Nerdy Things Podcast

Jan 25, 2018

On the episode this week we wanted to celebrate 'Dungeons and Dragons Day' this January 26th by playing it ourselves.  We recorded this when Jules visited for Kingsman 2, if you like it, the other parts will be up on our Patreon shortly!

Rian Johnson shut down haters on twitter

Might Ducks TV series in the works?

Dark Tower to start filming this summer

Danny McBride secretly shot a Crocodile Dundee movie WTF, I'm all in.

Super Troopers 2 What do the snozberries taste like this time?

A Wrinkle in Time

Robocop movie may be sequel to 1987 movie, not Joel Kinneman remake

John Cena in talks to play Duke Nukem

Nintendo Labo is coming


January 26 - Wayne Gretzky (1961)
January 27 - Patton Oswalt (1969)
January 28 - Elijah Wood (1981)
January 29 - Tom Selleck (1945) Oprah Winfrey (1954)
January 31 - Justin Timberlake (1981) Bobby Moynihan (1977)


This week we have a sponsor - The Bodysnatchers podcast. They're a podcast by four people, Tino, Steven, Gia, and John that's very nerd heavy with an Anime focus. Tino is a hardcore gamer/anime/comic enthusiast, Steven is a die hard wrestling fanatic, Gia is an aspiring cosplay model, and John is into FPS games and Airsoft. They have episodes covering tons of Anime, some I've heard of, some I haven't, and episodes on Batman, IT, Rick and Morty, Thor, Stranger Things, and more! If we're not enough nerd for your week, check them out on iTunes, Castbox, Facebook, and Twitter @bodysnatcherspodcast