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Nerdy Things Podcast

Jan 18, 2018

This week we interviews Steve Lavigne of Shellback Artworks who has previously worked with Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Mirage comics!
Star Wars: A Solo Movie synopsis revealed A dude and his hairy friend go on space adventures
Gareth Edwards' "Monsters" to become a TV series The 2010 movie is being made a series by Vertigo Films and UK channel 4
John Wick series officially picked up at Starz Keanu attached, it's called "The Contintental", he may be in some, but won't star in it.
Stallone confirms that Expendables 4 is still happening The budget for Depends and Geritol may still sink it
Guardians of the Galaxy 3 release date revealed as 2020 Does this mean they live through Infinity War?
Jac Shaeffer to write Black Widow movie She wrote Olaf's Frozen Adventure...
Jon Schnepp says Tom Holland will be in Venom movie Do you think he's just confused and knows there's a Tom H in the movie?
Voldemort Movie! Fan-made movie shows the origins of voldemort in a 50 minute extravaganza!
YouTube changes partners program Everyone mad? or not mad? I don't know anymore
Nipple% is a thing That's right, we're racing to see how fast we can get Mario naked
Mario Odyssey - Luigi's Balloon World announced If they ever make Luigi playable, let's start the Luigi nipple speed run
AGDQ sets record for charity raises over 2 million dollars for Prevent Cancer foundation
Jan 17th: Betty White, Jim Carrey, James Earl Jones
Jan 18th: Dave Bautista, Jason Segal, Kevin Costner
Jan 19th: Katey Sagal
Jan 20th: Tom Baker, Rainn Wilson, Buzz Aldrin
Jan 22nd: Guy Fieri, John Hurt
Jan 23rd: RDA
Jan 24th: Daveed Diggs, Ed Helms
This week we have a sponsor - The Bodysnatchers podcast. They're a podcast by four people, Tino, Steven, Gia, and John that's very nerd heavy with an Anime focus. Tino is a hardcore gamer/anime/comic enthusiast, Steven is a die hard wrestling fanatic, Gia is an aspiring cosplay model, and John is into FPS games and Airsoft. They have episodes covering tons of Anime, some I've heard of, some I haven't, and episodes on Batman, IT, Rick and Morty, Thor, Stranger Things, and more! If we're not enough nerd for your week, check them out on iTunes, Castbox, Facebook, and Twitter @bodysnatcherspodcast