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Nerdy Things Podcast

Dec 28, 2017

This week, we had the hosts of the Rock Talk podcast (@RockTalkPod, @RummelTweets & @CharlieGileNBC) to talk about Jumanji! Plus some other stuff happened.

Point and Click Seinfeld looks absolutely amazing
I can't wait to play this game!

"The Big Sick" was uploaded to PornHub
Kumail Nanjiani tweeted it out after finding it. PornHub employees had trouble finding it, I wonder how he did...

Netflix ordered a sequel to Bright before it was officially released
I take it all back. I liked this movie, I want this sequel.

Goosebumps sequel "Slappy's Revenge" set to shoot in Atlanta
This sounds dirtier than it is.

Reno 911! looking to do a sequel movie
Hell, I'd watch it.

Mad About You is getting a revival
I'm sure it's because of Pauls performance on Stranger Things

Jodie Whittaker has officially become the new Doctor
Yay! I didn't watch it.

Apple slows your phone to fix a battery issue

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