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Nerdy Things Podcast

Dec 21, 2017

This week's Main topic is of course Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
Nerdy News:
Ajit Pai to blame
Olaf fares better on TV than on the big screen
where it belonged in the first place
Gambit to shoot in 10 locations in New Orleans
It's apparently actually happening. Who knew?
Cowboy Ninja Viking to shoot this summer
It's based on a comic book and looks badass
David Ayer and Will Smith weigh in on a sequel to "Bright" for Netflix
Did you know Netflix was making "Bright"? I haven't heard of it before.
Mathew Vaughn has talked to DC about a super hero movie
Has some weird ideas, probably doing Man of Steel 2, hates new Avengers trailer, says it looks like Justice League. I say it doesn't look like a pile of turds, so no.
Dungeons and Dragons reboot announced for 2021
That's right, with Fantasy all the rage because of Game of Thrones and... uh... whatever, it's time to revisit ANOTHER pile of turds. Hopefully without Marlon Wayans.
Mortal Engines teaser
Based off of a book series by Philip Reeve, steampunk cities, etc. Looks cool, no actual information.
Oceans 8 trailer
Spoiler alert, I want to see this
Polka King trailer
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