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Nerdy Things Podcast

Feb 22, 2018

This week, we saw Marvel's new blockbuster "Black Panther" 

Fake Scientific Paper actually published in American Research Journal of Biosciences 
They made it painfully obvious that this was a fake paper based off an episode of Star Trek Voyager causing mutation and super human abilities. Why bother reading it?

First Three Episodes of Stargate Origins is available on the streaming platform
They're great. They're just... great. They're good episodes. I mean, they're alright. Right? It's alright to be just alright? Is it bad that they're bad?

First official look at Kobra Kai
This ALSO looks bad. Some things shouldn't get a reboot with the original actors. They're terrible.

CBS picks Jay Hernandez as the new Magnum P.I.
Known for Diablo in that terrible Suicide Squad movie

Lauren Cohan signs with ABC because AMC has no contract for her for Season 9 of Walking Dead 
AMC keeps loballing her for pay. Good for her. 'Whiskey Cavalier' is 'a high-octane hourlong action dramedy'

Transformers Cinematic Universe is dead?
Transformers 6 has been dropped from the slate, rumors of a reboot incoming after Bumblebee movie.

Feb 22: Steve Irwin
Feb 23: Emily Blunt, Josh Gad
Feb 24: Steve Jobs
Feb 25: Carrot Top, George Harrison, Rashida Jones
Feb 26: Michael Bolton

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